Bytessence Install Maker

Bytessence Install Maker 3.6

Create your own installers in a few clicks


  • Takes you through installer process easily
  • Lots of customization options


  • Not suitable for very large programs


Bytessence InstallMaker (BIM ) is a setup file creator for Windows with a focus on being lightweight, easy to use and yet not dispensing with essential features.

As all programmers know, when creating a program, the work does not stop after the last line of code is written. The most important step is to prepare an installer so that users can install the program on their computer! With Bytessence Install Maker, you can do this very easily including specific details of the program name, version, author, website, mail, requirements (operating system if required and whether it needs NET Framework), and customizing the presentation with your own background, header and text.

Bytessence Install Maker also creates an uninstaller for your program which you can customize with such features as whether it supports integration with UPX and ZIP.

Takes the pain out of creating an uninstaller although for complicated packages, you'll probably find it slow and limited it what it can pack.

Bytessence InstallMaker (BIM for short) is a setup file creator for the Windows (R) Platform. It is lightweight, easy to use and yet filled with rich features.

You can use it to generate single .exe files that will carry your files in a compressed form and also do various tasks to ensure a perfect installation of your product. It uses the very popular ZIP algorithm due to it's good compression ratio, compatibility and high speed.

Bytessence Install Maker


Bytessence Install Maker 3.6

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